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iDes® , Interactive Driver Education System, is a proudly South African driver training innovation by TMI Dynamatics. iDes® was designed and built by a group of local engineers and designers at TMI Dynamatics who felt they needed to do something about the plight of Road Safety in South Africa. South Africa, with its current employment and road safety challenges, needs a driver training solution that is cost effective and produces safe, skilled drivers that will contribute to Halving Road Fatalities by 2020! The most viable solution to deliver quality, affordable and efficient driver training to South Africans is through the use of driving simulation technologies.

iDes® is a computerised driver training solution using e-learning for the theoretical training, simulators for the procedural and practical training and intelligent onboard vehicle monitoring systems to assist our instructors with the “on the road” training and assessment. iDes® is a world class product using the latest simulation and training technologies to deliver cost-effective and quality training to the student.TMI Dynamatics is an Aero-mechanical and Mechatronics engineering company specialising in interactive training solutions and real-time engineering simulations. We cater to both public and private sector interests in the global aerospace, transport, education and defence markets. Visit www.tmi-za.com. “The shortage of skilled licence and professional drivers in South Africa is negatively affecting the growth in our economy, road safety and youth employment prospects”.