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Please note that all driver training is done by Drivio, the home of driving! Drivio is an innovative and technologically advanced driving school that utilises the latest simulation based driver training technology, professional and expert driving instructors, brand new safe cars (code B), motorbikes (code A) and trucks (code C, EC).
iDes Learner Licence
iDes Learner’s Licence


iDes has revolutionized the Learner Licence training from boring books and DVD videos to a fully interactive training solution on your computer. The entire Learner’s Licence theory training is now available, for the first time, on a simple to install and easy to use e-learning environment. Sit back and pay attention while the narrations, animations and automated quizzes teach you everything you need to know to pass your Light, Heavy or Motorcycle Learners licence, the first time. Try out iDes, with an average pass rate of 85%, twice the national average, to ensure you pass first time.

  • Self-study on your home PC or visit one of the iDes academies or partners;
  • iDes is not an eBook, it is the propera a fully interactive training program with simulations, animations, videos with and narrations that immerses you into the learning environment;
  • Spend less than a day preparing for your learner’s licence and be confident you will pass first time;
  • Be trained by our professional staff at one of our academies in Pretoria, Durban and Rustenburg;
  • The training covers all you need to know for your learner’s licence, from road signs to driver’s responsibilities and you can optionally add the latest AARTO regulations for your convenience;
  • Interactive explores allow you to experiment and discover important topics on your own;
  • Continuous automated assessments and quizzes reassure that you understand the content and are ready to pass;
  • Printable progress reports;
  • Test yourself using a Learners’ Licence assessment based on the actual tests given at SA Licence Testing Centres!

iDes K53 Licence
K53 Simulator Training


Afraid of learning to drive? The iDes vSIM driving simulators procedurally prepare you on how to drive step-by-step. The training includes how to operate the controls and understanding the gauges and warnings of an actual vehicle. The simulator course is modular and the student progressively completes a 16 lesson driving course that starts with the basic moving off procedures and ends up with a heavy traffic driving scenario. An automated virtual instructor assesses the student against the rules of the road, signs, the correct use of the vehicle controls and the K53 driving standard. Once the student understands the basic operations of the vehicle the student can then train themselves, thereby saving instructor time and costs. This training is currently offered at the iDes Academies in Pretoria, Durban and Rustenburg or at any of our national partners.

  • The K53 driving theory is presented via our world class iDes e-learning platform.
  • In less than 6 hours the students has a detailed understanding of the trip preparation, vehicle controls and maneuvering and driving according to the K53 driving standard;
  • On successful completion of the K53 theory via e-learning the student starts with the driving simulator;
  • The simulator training is facilitated by our skilled driving instructors;
  • The 16 lessons are designed to eliminate the risk of panicing and is a stress-free preparatory training for the real vehicle;
  • A personal instructor is by your side coaching you along the way while the virtual instructor instructs and assesses you on the training task;
  • Master the yard test and “on the road” driving in a virtual environment based on South African roads;
  • Mistakes are easily corrected by repeating lessons as many times as necessary;
  • Print your assessment results so that your driving instructor can focus on your weaknesses in the vehicle;
iDes K53 Licence
“On the Road” training


Now that you have mastered all the driving procedures and passed all the assessments in the simulator, you have the chance of rehearsing the K53 driving techniques in the real vehicle. Depending on your driving talents and confidence, you may need between 5 and 13 driving lessons to manage the traffic environment and the K53 driving procedures. Unlike a traditional driving school, each student’s lesson plan is tailor-made to the their own weaknesses and strengthens, to ensure a minimum number of lessons are spent in the car. Our mission is to ensure you pass at the Driver Licence Testing Centre (DLTC) first time. With a 70% pass rate in urban areas, the rest is up to your individual composure on the day of the test. What do you get from the ”On the Road” Driver training:

  • For Code 08 (EB), Code 10 (C, C1);
  • Between 9 -13 driving lessons with a certified K53 driving instructor. Additional lessons if required;
  • Between 1-2 independent assessments by an ex DLTC examiner/ or a K53 expert;
  • Assistance with a quick booking at the DLTC and introduction to the professional, friendly DLTC staff;
  • Car hire and pre-test lesson on the day of your test;
  • Optional Video recording ( two cameras, one looking at you and the other facing the road) of your driving lessons.