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Please note that all driver training is done by Drivio, the home of driving! Drivio is an innovative and technologically advanced driving school that utilises the latest simulation based driver training technology, professional and expert driving instructors, brand new safe cars (code B), motorbikes (code A) and trucks (code C, EC).

iDes Professional AARTO

Post licence training is becoming a necessity as a result of the technological improvements in motor vehicles, the rising operational costs, the high accident and fatality rates and the unfortunate consequence of the fraud and corruption at the driving licence testing centres. iDes Pro is the solution for small and large organisations as well as government sector to train and assess drivers in the following areas:

  • Professional Driver Training for Truck, Bus, Taxi and Courier operators;
  • Defensive Driver Training for individuals and groups;
  • Advanced and Economical driver training for individuals and groups;
  • Administrative Adjudication Road Traffic Offence (AARTO) training;

A program catering to the theoretical and practical training needs of commercial drivers through computer-based training, simulation and ”on the road” training and assessment.

  • Engages professional drivers through an interactive learning process using e-learning and simulators;
  • The benefits of drivers training in their own time and at their own pace ensures the normal operations are not disrupted;
  • Enjoy the benefits of exceptional cost savings when compared to traditional training methods;
  • Improve comprehension and information retention while developing driver awareness and ability;
  • TETA approved Unit Standards;
  • Standardise your organisations training across the entire globe, incorporating the best international training methods
  • Tailored ”On the Road” driver training to maximise driving skills ;
  • Enhanced customer support and training;

iDes Professional HIV/AIDS and its Implications
Understanding HIV/AIDS and its Implications

HIV/AIDS is rife in South Africa and the modern workplace needs to understand the challenges associated with this illness, so as to better grow your business, despite the challenges. The course provides practical steps for developing and implementing workplace prevention and care programs that will serve both employees and managers. The course teaches the student how to assess the real and potential impact of HIV/AIDS on their company, on developing an HIV/AIDS policy to cover the workplace and on designing and implementing HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs for the workplace. The course equips the student to:

  • Understand what HIV/AIDS is;
  • Understand how it is spread and how to remain safe;
  • Empathise with HIV infected people;
  • Understand the effects on a company;
  • Improve the company, despite these challenges.

iDes Advanced and economical driving
Defensive Driving

The iDes Defensive driving course is designed for both the Learner and Professional driver, to ensure defensive driving skills are applied during all driving activities. The course is a combination of theory and practical driver training, to assist the student improve awareness under different driving conditions. The course can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the client and can range between 4-8 hours of training. The course covers the following training modules:

  • Amalgamation of K53 driving standard with Defensive Driving: Vehicle inspections, Blind spots, Observations, etc.;
  • SIPDE and the system of vehicle control;
  • Safe Driving: Following distances, Reaction times, Emergency and cadence braking, Adverse weather conditions;
  • The vehicle forces: Traction, Braking, Aerodynamic and inertial forces;
  • Practical vehicle inspections: Preliminaries before driving, Manoeuvring in a yard and on the road driving.
iDes Professional Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is essential to the successful long term sustainability of any business in South Africa. Still, understanding how to better equip and protect your employees and company, is a daunting task. With the Occupational Health and Safety course you are equipped to have a better understanding of the principals regarding health & safety and shown how to participate in and implement effective measures, whether it is in the workplace or at home. The course teaches the student:

  • How to identify and manage hazards;
  • What the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) would be for various circumstances;
  • How to use PPE;
  • An understanding of health and safety policies;
  • How to implement and follow contingency plans;
  • How to coordinate evacuations;
  • How to keep your environment safe, through general housekeeping and hygiene.

iDes Professional Foster and Maintain Customer Relations
Foster and Maintain Customer Relations

Customer relations/service training is an important skill-set. In the modern work environment, all employees serve as company "ambassadors", whether they are drivers, programmers or receptionist. At one point or another all employees will come in contact with your customers. During this make or break event, it can either improve or break down your relationship to that customer. These interactions have a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. Training includes:

  • Maintaining a good organisational image;
  • Understanding and implementing customer service policies;
  • Understanding the customer service chain;
  • Total quality management;
  • Key performance areas in customer relations;
  • Handling difficult customers and understanding their behaviour;
  • Moments of truth;
  • Listening skills;
  • Telephone and e-mail etiquette;
  • The ”Interest-Based Relational Approach”.

iDes Advanced and economical driving
Advanced and Economical Driving

The iDes advanced and economical driving course is a full day course where half the day is spent on advanced driving techniques and the other half on economical driving techniques. Advanced driving teaches the learner how to manage and cope with emergency situations to avoid accidents. The economical driving techniques trains the learner more than just managing engine speed and fuel consumption but also how to analyse the road ahead to improve your efficiency. The course is a combination of theory and practical training and covers the following training modules:

  • Vehicle Dynamics and performance and handling under different operational conditions;
  • Skid pan training;
  • Steering methods and over- and under-steering;
  • Controlling the vehicle under emergency conditions;
  • Changes in vehicle dynamics for different road surfaces and weather conditions (wet and dry);
  • Vehicle systems that assist with traction, braking and engine control;
  • Mechanical awareness and minimising mechanical losses;
  • Green, Blue and Red band driving;
  • Predicting the road conditions to improve your efficiency.
iDes Pro
AARTO Training

The introduction of The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act, 1998, (Act No 46 of 1998) (AARTO), is a new system to deal with offenders who break the rules of the road. This has changed the way companies, employees and private individuals have to respond to traffic violations. The complexity of the AARTO requires organisations to ensure their drivers are adequately trained in AARTO to prevent the company’ operations from being suspended. The AARTO training course covers the entire Act and includes:

  • Acknowledging the offence or how to nominate the offender;
  • The Demerit point system;
  • Making a representation;
  • The penalties and consequences of traffic infringements.